FAQ (English)

  • Does Tropica Flora ship to me??
    Tropica Flora ships to every country within the EU via tbe checkout in the webshop.
    Living outside the EU vut still wish to order? contact us.
  • What are my payment options?
    Tropica Flora has many payment options, for intetnational customers PayPal and bank transfer are the most easy to use options.
  • Can I visit Tropica Flora?
    Tropica Flora has no visiting adress, you can find us on different fairs and markets, keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date information.
  • Is the weight at the “Extra informatie” the true weight of the plant that I will be receiving?
    No, the weight you see at the extra information tab is a fictive weight our website uses to accurately calculate shipping costs. Given below is an example of such a fictive weight as indicated on our website.
  • I’vs made an order, how long does it take to ship out?
    If the ordered plants are in stock we strive to ship it out within a couple of days so you can enjoy the species as soon as possible. If the plants are not in stock at our facility we strive to ship out in 2-6 weeks.
  • At what days does Tropica Flora ship?
    Tropica Flora ships orders on mondays and tuesdays to ensure promt arrival at its final destination.
  • Why doesn’t my plant have a pot?
    The shipping of plants with a pot increases the risk of damages. Moreover, removing the plants from their pots before shipping gives us an opportunity to perform a final check before shipping.
  • Does Tropica Flora ship during winter?
    During winter temperatures can become so low that plants can sustain damage during transit. To prevent damage to your plants we only ship if temperatures stay above nightly minima of 5°C and daytime minima stay above 10°C.
    Would you like to receive your plants faster? Please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.